Our Clients Say…

About the Director…

“When I first called you, I did not imagine the positive effect you would have on Aaron’s attitude towards school…I will continue to recommend Explanations Unlimited to anyone who mentions the need of a great tutor.”




“The explanations that I am given, I will always remember… You aren’t just a tutor to me, you’re a close friend”



“The genuine interest Evelyn and her staff take in each student makes them an invaluable support system for any student, and increases the success each child is bound to enjoy with Explanations Unlimited.”





“I have opened my mind to a new kind of life that I really like; which is a life of learning.”




“I strongly believe if our children need help in learning they should get the opportunity. How fortunate for us that we found you Evee.”





“I will never forget the help and support you have given me.”





About our Elementary Tutors:


“The day that Karena walked into our lives we immediately found someone who exceeded our wildest dreams. Explanations Unlimited really listened to our needs and delivered us the most perfect candidate.”





“Whether it is a secret handshake, a cheer, a funny poem or a skit to help her learn she never fails to find the perfect method to help Morgan…our overall experience with Explanations Unlimited from the very start has been very positive and a very easy company to deal with.”




“All of Frankie’s math and spelling tests are coming home perfect…I have recommended your tutoring services to friends and family.”





About our Study Skills Tutors:


“Before coming to your tutoring service, I used to “freak out” before my tests…Not only did you help me build my self-confidence but by the time final exams approached, I felt as though I could stand up in front the classroom and teach the course inside and out…An OAC average of ninety-two percent!”




“Study skills and transition to university are vital concerns to our students, and your assistance with those areas was much appreciated.”





About our English Tutors:


“Bill is an outstanding teacher whose dedication enthusiasm and encouragement has helped raise Sean’s English mark from a D to a good solid B…we have found that, not only have his grades improved but also his organizational skills.”




“It’s my first time getting an “A” on a college level regular English…I would highly recommend the Explanations Unlimited tutoring service to others in need, whether it is for academic reasons or the search of knowledge and understanding.”





About our Math and Science Tutors:


“We are all very proud of Amanda and want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”


“As well as Kim becoming an “A” student, Cathy is an “A-1″ Tutor. We’ve already recommended Explanations Unlimited to others & will continue to do so. What a wonderful service you provide.”





“It’s been 4 years now…Not only has she helped them academically but also helped them improve their study skills, self esteem, and has highly motivated the both of them.”

“In less than three months, Melissa has gone from a 30% average to obtaining 93% on her last test.”






“My sons have all used the tutoring service to ensure high marks necessary for university acceptance.”





“I really feel that it was with Dan’s patience and guidance that I was able to receive such an incredible mark…Now when I have math homework, I am able to solve the questions by analyzing it in a logical way.”




“He was able to explain the concepts in different ways, illustrating them until she understood.”




“Finite Math isn’t everyone’s favourite subject, but Meri soon made it a manageable one, with Sarah bringing home 100% in one of her tests.”





“She has done a great job of helping me attain good grades in math as well as convincing me through her teaching that learning can be fun.”





“Explanations Unlimited have tutored 2 of my three children…they travel and come to your house, which was a very big plus for us.”





“I would like to thank you and your organization for the excellent service I received in assisting me through a university Statistics course…I received a final grade far surpassing my original objective.”





About our French Tutors:


“You’re the one who gave me the most confidence in choosing the right tutoring service for my daughter….she is more confident and enjoys the hour spent learning with Jean Louis every week”





“We have been very fortunate to have Vicki as our daughter’s Frenc tutor…Vicki takes a very personal interest in her students and tailors the tutoring session to meet Jessica’s needs”




About our Adult Upgrading Tutors:


“Dan was fantastic, willing to go that extra mile…I would like to extend the warmest thanks to Dan and Explanations Unlimited who helped me get through this math hurdle.”



“It’s my first time getting an “A” on a college level regular English…I would highly recommend the Explanations Unlimited tutoring service to others in need, whether it is for academic reasons or the search of knowledge and understanding.”