Our Instructors

The Director, Evelyn Bornstein, ensures the ongoing success and quality of Explanations Unlimited by matching each client with the most appropriate instructor and programme for their needs.

All our tutors are certified teachers or university graduates, typically holding multiple degrees, and were specifically selected for their superior academic qualifications, previous teaching or tutoring experience, rapport with students, and personal commitment to quality education. Following the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Guidelines, using current textbooks, and coordinating with students’ classroom teachers, our tutors provide useful explanations in clear, simple language with many practical examples. Specialists in all subjects such as Mathematics, Science, French Immersion, English, E.S.L., and Special Education are available, as are instructors for private school and university entrance exams, such as the SSAT, SAT, GED, or GMAT.

Since 1980, Explanations Unlimited’s enthusiastic instructors have been role models and mentors, motivating students to achieve their academic goals and enhance their self-confidence by adjusting to students’ individual abilities, deadlines, and learning styles. Our tutors treat students with respect and develop meaningful, productive working relationships with each one. The quality service is evident from the many clients who have chosen to send all their children to us, and often chose to stay with us throughout their school careers for academic support. Our instructors are proud to empower students towards achieving their goals.