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Back-To-School Deals. Only Until September 30th, 2014.

The Success Builder SmartPlan5

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Start the school year off right with your own personal tutor. Get the academic support you deserve with this comfortable 5 hour tutoring package.

Use your hours for the school subject you need most, whether math, science, English or French. Need a confidence boost or study skills advice? We’ll Be There. And, you can rely on us all year through. Quality academic support whenever it’s needed.


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Simply select the SmartPlan tutoring package that best meets your needs. The larger your tutoring package, the more free hours, the lower your hourly rate, & the larger the coupon you will receive.

  • Receive 1 Free Hour of tutoring with your purchase of a 10 Hour Tutoring Package
  • Receive 2 Free Hours of tutoring with your purchase of a 15 Hour Tutoring Package or larger, plus
  • A $20 off Coupon

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Important Client Reminders:
1. To receive your free tutoring hour(s), Free Life-Time Registration (A savings of $30), & your money-saving coupon, please ensure that your SmartPlan10, or Smart Plan15+ request has been finalized on or before September 30th, 2014. Your coupon is redeemable on your next purchase of a regularly priced tutoring package of 15 hours or larger. Coupon is valid until December 31st, 2014, & cannot be combined with any other offer.
2. A 6-month expiry applies to all prepaid SmartPlans of 10 hrs or larger.
3. A 3-month expiry applies to all prepaid SmartPlans smaller than 10 hours. These tutoring packages have been designed for students requiring tutoring in a single subject by one tutor. If additional flexibility is required, such as a longer expiry, or the ability to split hours between siblings, subjects, & tutors, please select a SmartPlan10 or larger.
4. Send A Friend Referrers earn listed perks for SmartPlan15s or larger. Other perks may apply for small packages.
5. As each student has unique tutoring needs, please speak directly to our Registrar for your customized SmartPlan tutoring package. If additional conditions or charges apply to your request, such as for premium instructors or subjects, or for lessons outside our standard service territory, EXU will endeavour to discuss any known issues prior to finalization of student registration.


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