Our Guarantee

Register With Confidence

At Explanations Unlimited, we are committed to your satisfaction, & pride ourselves on providing top quality tutoring. If you have any concerns at any time, our Head Office staff is here to assist you.

We promise:

  • To personally review each tutoring request & learn about your specific needs
  • To only register clients & process payments for whom we can provide service
  • To assign a qualified instructor to each registered client, and
  • To transfer all unused hours & completed progress reports to a replacement instructor, upon request

Our Client Guarantee:
If you are not happy with the academic ability of your instructor during any pre-planned private tutoring lesson, simply contact our Head Office* and let us know. Then that session’s first hour will be FREE!

*Head Office must receive notification within 7 days of the session, or before your next lesson, whichever comes first, and must be authorized by the Director.