MatheMAGICS: Toronto’s Hands-On Math, Since 1992

MatheMAGICS© Is Learning & Understanding Essential Math Skills:

1. In a stress-free, fun, & creative environment
2. Using an innovative, visual, & hands-on approach
3. For all grade levels, elementary to high school, & for students of all ages

MatheMAGICS© represents a powerful combination of teaching methods. This interactive math programme uses the best experiential techniques available to explain each mathematical concept. Some students still learn best by seeing, trying, touching & experiencing what math & numbers mean, and how they interact. Whether your child is learning introductory arithmetic, including multiplication & division, or is ready to enter high school but wants algebra & factoring to mean something to them, then our hands-on way to learn math makes a great after-school or summer programme.

MatheMAGICS Manipulatives Helps Math Make Sense

MatheMAGICS© is a strong alliance between Mortensen Math & Explanations Unlimited that uses kinesthetic & experiential learning methods as a strong problem-solving approach to enable students to understand all concepts of math, from addition & subtraction to algebra & calculus.

MatheMAGICS, Where Learning Algebra is Fun

We integrate this “hands-on” approach — which uses manipulatives (small plastic shapes and pieces), along with practice sheets — with the actual Ontario school curriculum, so that students not only excel at their math, but can demonstrate their knowledge in the manner which teachers expect.

Learning To Factor With MatheMAGICS Is Easy & Meaningful

Students start the programme by receiving an introduction to the concepts of MatheMAGICS, and learn how different colour pieces represent different numbers. They master which colour equals which number so naturally that it is a smooth transition into using the manipulatives to learn various math concepts through interactive & fun exercises. Time flies while doing math work using MatheMAGICS.

Learning Math Using MatheMAGICS Manipulatives is so engaging, even for young students practing on their own after their private MatheMAGICS sessions.

Math Homework Makes So Much Sense When I Can See & Feel Numbers

We take the basic concepts of math that are not always meaningful to students, & we convert them into hands-on activities. Once students have mastered the concepts using the MatheMAGICS techniques, bridging steps are introduced and practiced where the physical manipulatives are converted into 2-dimensional representative drawings on paper, then the concepts are further transferred into regular question and answer math homework on worksheets, the way most teachers teach math in the classroom.

Our students go full circle, learning math in an applied meaningful, non-memorized manner so that when they are back in regular math class they have this extra level of knowledge of math, and how different math concepts such as adding, multiplying, dividing and factoring all interrelate. Student who never liked or understood math before, build such a strong and confidence knowledge base and math foundation through this experience that some of our past graduates have even become Ontario Certified Teachers as they developed the true appreciation and love of learning through this programme. We hope that your children will enjoy MatheMAGICS, too.

I Am Way Ahead of My Class By Learning Math the MatheMAGICS Way

Motensen Math was introduced into Montessori & traditional private schools over 25 years ago. Due to its success & popularity in the United States & Australia, Explanations Unlimited has been offering small group MatheMAGICS workshops & private instruction in our learning centre to Canadian students since 1992.

A Display of the MatheMAGICS Manipulatives, including the Fractions Overlays