Home Schooling and Home Instruction

As many students choose to withdraw from, or are unable to attend, the standard classroom-learning environment, they instead prefer our customized Home Schooling and Home Instruction Programmes. Whether it is due to illness, injury, or concerns about the current school system, many clients require an alternative approach to education.

Although Explanations Unlimited does not currently grant credits for academic courses, there are a number of options to ensure students receive their required credits. Typically our students choose to work with our tutors so that they can receive individualized and thorough instruction in a stress-free environment, but coordinate their enrolment, course content and timelines with either:

  • The student’s local Home Schooling Association
  • The specific school that the client was expected to attend
  • The Counselling Services Department of their local Board of Education, or
  • With other credit-granting institutions, such as correspondence schools, and in particular, the Independent Learning Centre in Toronto.

Explanations Unlimited’s Home Schooling and Home Instruction Programmes are based upon the current Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Guidelines, and uses approved textbooks, unless an alternative curriculum is requested. We offer complete course content, lesson planning, testing, and marking services. These programmes can be designed to help a client complete an individual course, or multiple academic subjects.

Please contact us, so that we may customize an appropriate programme or tutoring package to meet your needs.