Customized Learning

How Explanations Unlimited Got Its Name

Students learn differently, that is common knowledge. But just because students may all need to learn the same topic, it doesn’t mean that one common explanation is good enough to enable everyone to fully understand a concept. At Explanations Unlimited, we are happy to explain a topic an unlimited number of times, and in an unlimited number of ways to ensure our students truly understand the lesson, and are not just memorizing without comprehending.  That is why we chose our business name.

To enhance the learning experience, Explanations Unlimited will also customize our teaching style to match the known learning style of each student:  We speed up when things are easy, slow down when things are challenging, use lots of diagrams and flow charts if the student is a visual learner, and focus on verbal explanations if a student is an auditory learner. We want our students to achieve their academic goals, and become independent, confident, and competent learners.