Actors and Athletes

Since 1989, Explanations Unlimited’s Entertainment Division has been servicing the unique needs of busy, professional actors and competitive athletes. Whether it’s accommodating the academic and scheduling needs of well-known performers such as Jerry O’Connell (Crossing Jordan, Sliders, Stand By Me), Rachel Blanchard (Clueless), Kathleen Robertson (Beverly Hills 90210), Matthew Ferguson (Nikita), or up and coming stars, our instructors are comfortable on-set, on location shoots, dealing with call schedules, or coordinating around our athletes’ training schedules, races, and competitions.

Tutors are happy to coordinate with parents, production companies, coaches, and schools to help ensure the academic success of our busy students.

Please contact us at your convenience, so that we may customize an appropriate programme or tutoring package to meet your needs. Visit our Home Schooling section for related information.
Please visit our Corporate References section for a partial list of production companies that have chosen to use our on-set tutoring and chaperoning services for their busy actors.