ABI/TBI: Academic Rehabilitation For Brain Injury Clients

ABI/TBI: Academic Rehabilitation for Brain Injury Clients Content

Explanations Unlimited’s specialists are available to work with students of varying remedial needs. Whether due to illness, diagnosed learning disabilities, or injury, such as an acquired brain injury sustained during a motor vehicle accident, our instructors can customize an appropriate remedial or academic rehabilitation programme, such as Direct Instruction for individuals requiring such assistance.

Our instructors prefer a comprehensive and integrated approach to academic rehabilitation, and they are pleased to coordinate with a student’s family, school, medical specialists, insurance providers, educational consultants, and the rest of the rehab. team to ensure the development and implementation of a successful programme.

Please contact us at your convenience, so that we may customize an appropriate programme or tutoring package to meet your needs. Visit our Home Schooling section for related information.

Please visit our Corporate References section for a partial list of insurance providers that have chosen to use our academic rehabilitation services for their clients.